1001 Cabanes

Our children's cabin building set


Imagine and build your own cabin, and do it over and over again!

Made in Europe from solid wood

Discover the "1001 Cabanes" range!

1001 Cabanes

Our children's cabin building set

100% modular:Paving stones and wooden rods to create lightweight, child-sized structures. Throw a sheet over the whole thing and your cabin takes shape! Castles, igloos, rockets, boats, cars, caves and other secret bases will blossom in your living room...

An evolving game for all ages: Building cabins or dens is as old as time itself! From ages 3 to 99, children and adults alike will love designing and bringing their projects to life. The older ones will be the architects and builders, while the little ones will spend hours telling stories. 1001 Cabanes develops a sense of collaboration and mutual support among your children.

Well hidden from adult view! Choose from a range of colors to cover your constructions with large sheets made from OEKO-TEX 100% cotton.This way, there's no chance you'll leave a gap open that could leak secrets of the utmost importance.

A game that stimulates the imagination - Once the structure is assembled, all that's left to do is "throw" the supplied canvas over the top to complete the hiding place. We bet he'll have some stories to tell!

Noble, safe materials - Raw wood from European forests, and OekoTex-certified 100% cotton fabrics, for toys that last a lifetime.

The first building set guaranteed against breakage - We stand by the quality of our products, and are ready to guarantee them against breakage. We'll replace your parts free of charge if anything goes wrong. Find out more about this guarantee here !

Construction in the 1001 Cabanes cabin

My Back-to-School Calendar

Back-to-school family calendar

The back-to-school period is not always an easy time for families. Between the hassles of the first day back at school, the nostalgia of vacations gone by too quickly, the new rhythm to get used to, we can tend to forget the benefits the vacations have had on our fitness and morale!

So has come up with "Mon calendrier de rentrée" (My back-to-school calendar), a fun way for parents and children to get back to school in good spirits!

Thanks to our "Day by Day" cards, you'll be able to ritualize moments of family togetherness, and prolong the sweetness of the vacations until the end of September. We've come up with activities to suggest to your children every day, to get them excited about getting up in the morning!

And to top it all off, this product has been entirelyimagined, designed and manufactured in France !

Wooden toys

We offer you a selection of original toys, carefully chosen for their pedagogical quality and their ability to awaken your children.

All our toys are made in Europe, using high-quality, carefully crafted materials.

Stacking wooden stones balance game

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